Nicholas Alexander, online creativity



Many years ago, I started a political blog, Disturbing Trends to write about political trends after 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq. I did not expect political issues to become as polarlised as they have, but the rise of the radical right was apparent with the advent of The New American Century.

In life

I am interested in Philosophy and studied human nature at University. There is an intersection between the mysteries of the universe and philosophy that appears to be being revealed in quantum mechanics and the origins of the universe.

Time and Perception

We see change as an inconsistant flux or a series of frames of context. Change is moderated by our perception. We do not see the world as a flat unchanging photograph, more of a swirling mist of impressions that evolve and swerl around a locus of ideas. Emotional states moderate our perception to such a degree that we may sense the same thing in two diametrically opposed ways without much time between such states. If you like, our brains are subject to storms and tides: we can experience the immediate overwhelming wash of emotional states quickly or gradually but howeve long it takes, our perceptions can change in an instant or more fundamentally, over longer periods.

However our perceptions entangle ourselves into the drifts of change, change occurs regardless external to our selves. Our interaction with change may make us care more about or be more aware of its detail, however, our environment is not static, it is the churn driven by the actions, emotions and perceptions of others as well as the inevitable nature of physical reality.

The Universe of Life and the physical universe have collided and infused with each other. This creates Time and enables change. without a perception of change, it would be irrelevant. The observer is crucial. But why? Because the observer is the monitor of change. The observation of change is what makes it matter. Indiscriminate change without observation may not occur. The properties of the physical universe may have been static if not for the churn of Life.


Creativity is driven by accident.

Is online life a thought process? Or is the collection of minds that create online form a new mind? Does it enable the expression of a universal creativity?

Refinement is a constant work in progress. Thought is under constant revision, like software development is it a work of continuous improvement: constant lazy frustration with technology brings about gradual change and then suddenly a series of events brings about massive change. Behind technical development is a refinement of ideas, a focus on methods to do new things. The online world is an increasingly complex experience. The Metaverse seems to be the 'next big thing', but why? It appears to be the dream of an undeveloped imagination. Being a developer is an engagement in human progress. It is a science as we are engaged in a evolving social experiment.

Incremental Change

This site is evolving as a playground and place for experiments: the latest being tracking development of an online gallery for NFTs. Thinking about it differently.