Nicholas Alexander, online creativity



My art tends to be language, however I also indulge in photography, photograph art and dance. I also work with other artists, making websites and experimenting with online tools. One areas I can support artist is making NFTs. NFTs (Non-Fungible-Tokens) are original art works you are able to resell, rewarding the artist directly. No art gallery rental or parking expenses, just hosting and payment using cryptocurrency.


Art works are priced as an investment, if you like a piece you are purchasing the ownership rights of the image (equivalent to buying original art) as it can not be duplicated or 'funged'. The sales are supported by the platform where you can resell the NFT.


NFTs are an investment in original digital art. The works shown are low resolution but upon purchase you can download and own the hi-res image that you can print and frame. Once you own the image you are able to list it for resale on the platform.

My art mediums include image creation, writing, poetry, photography, video and working with artists to host their work.

Original Art Galleries


New OpenSea Collection

OpenSea has limited edition NFT collections of art and photography in ETH galleries. Get a Crypto Wallet, recommended.

Mintable Collections

Mintable is a gasless NFT collection using US$ or safe Crypto Exchange settlement.

Feature: The Cut-paper Art of Fiona Scott-Wilson

Initial Offering of FSWArt NFTs supporting artist Fiona Scott-Wilson. 25% commission to artist on each sale. Prices to go into circulation on the block chain. Original works sell between £1000 and £4500 in exhibition. Prints are available on