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Latest works and a selection of recent works in each book to be released as Limited Edition NFTs.

Latest works

Electric Buzzard Land Album

A concept album in a 16-minute journey through Westerns mixed with dramatics and trip hop acid jazz. Experiments in cosmic... Read more

Dissolving Planets – Chaos and Matter


Floats skyward fleeting glimpse of dexterity a disturbance on the surface a red spot that lasts a million seasons an... Read more

Artificial Entertainment – Chaos and Matter

Daily News Decline

The audience is dying. The paper is lying. The share-holders are baying for blood. The redhead is bleeding red mud.... Read more

Laughter of Sages – Chaos and Matter

Think Again

If you take it like that And wrap your world about it In that way that you do It will... Read more

Nature of nature – Chaos and Matter

Love differance

We discovered differance Love makes all cast the normal out of opened windows Opened wide minds Do not tolerate my... Read more

Universal Chaos – Chaos and Matter

Ice Debris

Collisions start in cracks that widen Fissures open and the air rushes between Drops of destruction fall and drop into... Read more