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Latest works and a selection of recent works in each book to be released as Limited Edition NFTs.

Latest works


The markets were crowded with people The sneeze was quiet but the exits were tightand excited by panic All those... Read more

Dissolving Planets – Chaos and Matter

Wet Behaviour

Loose and narrow his squivel hips Torn and down below there ripping abandon Hot dish in the oven Dance upon... Read more

Artificial Entertainment – Chaos and Matter

Dinner on the Titanic

Then as the 22 year old brash waiter poured the pink champagne into her crystal flute, she grasped her bony... Read more

Laughter of Sages – Chaos and Matter

Think Again

If you take it like that And wrap your world about it In that way that you do It will... Read more

Nature of nature – Chaos and Matter

Expecting Rain

steam residues of that lullaby summer and now the forehead frowns upon us forcing us into a corner and the... Read more

Universal Chaos – Chaos and Matter

Full of Darkness

The mind is full of dark landscapes illuminated by ideas that pass through it or The mind is a white... Read more