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Latest works and a selection of recent works in each book to be released as Limited Edition NFTs.

Latest works


Here is the agenda for increasing this site’s excitement level Audio book of recent works Audio book of book one... Read more

from ... Dissolving Planets – Chaos and Matter


Spin my explanation for the one we treasure Look straight at the skin, below the beauty untie the knotted hair... Read more

from ... Artificial Entertainment – Chaos and Matter

Too Much Power

Affirmation Mourning He woke to a brisk coffee overcoatas he draws the journey to the closeand drifts about the morning... Read more

from ... Laughter of Sages – Chaos and Matter

Dreaming Again

Dreaming again Over the frequency Vibrating waves undo the force of inevitability we wave away these dregs the mere facts... Read more

from ... Nature of nature – Chaos and Matter

Forest Storm

Quivering lines in the forest. Birds grasp trees and lizards stop and stare down and to the East. There is... Read more

from ... Universal Chaos – Chaos and Matter

The Will of Salt

A faltering dive into the ocean The curled lips of the lie surrounding that smile we let go down the... Read more