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Latest works and a selection of recent works in each book to be released as Limited Edition NFTs.

Latest works


From a height, the rain Coming down to see you at the edge of the lawnwhere the trees twist and... Read more

from ... Dissolving Planets – Chaos and Matter

The Ends

After so many years of avoiding you away you are into the clouds disappearing eyes the soles of his feet... Read more

from ... Artificial Entertainment – Chaos and Matter


My happiness makes me nervous As I look down the alleyway I call future the walls narrow on each side,... Read more

from ... Laughter of Sages – Chaos and Matter

Dreaming Again

Dreaming again Over the frequency Vibrating waves undo the force of inevitability we wave away these dregs the mere facts... Read more

from ... Nature of nature – Chaos and Matter

Torso twist

Taking stock of the situation Those wings batter against closed windows the winter is calm and kind to the air... Read more

from ... Universal Chaos – Chaos and Matter

Poor decisions

The people who ruin things How they think the rules could help Leave the others behind to fall into the... Read more