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Latest works and a selection of recent works in each book to be released as Limited Edition NFTs.

Latest works

The rituals

The rituals of abidance Taking a leaf from your book and weighing it between my fingersis a task of spectacular... Read more

from ... Dissolving Planets – Chaos and Matter


The markets were crowded with people The sneeze was quiet but the exits were tightand excited by panic All those... Read more

from ... Artificial Entertainment – Chaos and Matter

The Small Talk

Love the small talk crawls in like a magnet segment drops into the sequence inside the layer of skin of... Read more

from ... Laughter of Sages – Chaos and Matter

Think Again

If you take it like that And wrap your world about it In that way that you do It will... Read more

from ... Nature of nature – Chaos and Matter


Years contain bubbles of experiences each one contains the same sets of reason each with new changes as they track... Read more

from ... Universal Chaos – Chaos and Matter


Battlefields falling along the other depths of another hell other people flutter and crash with sincere wishes everything will be... Read more