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This part of the site may be used to document and test coding ideas and experiments or proofs of concept.

PHP sites

This site is based on a pure PHP site, which uses code functionality to more rapidly develop modules of code. For example each page has a header which is common code used for all pages. This is simplistic coding at the most basic level with PHP, it does not employ a framework or even Object Oriented modules. Sometimes, simple is best.

Ajax sites

Using Javascript, the PHP site is extended to make a simple SPA, in one page load, multiple views can be supported by reloading a frame using Ajax calls to collect content. An even more simple application is build using many HTML snippets, little slices of content that are gotten from the file system and served as part of the page. A framework in its most basic form. Make a very fast and easy to maintain site when content is delivered in small chunks which is often the case.


VueJS is a brilliant front-end framework for building PWA (Progressive Web Applications

NFT Gallery

In the Art section of this site, a simple PHP NFT gallery appears, which is a proof-of-concept for a full fleged web-commerce and investment framework under development

Svelte and SvelteKit Development