Nicholas Alexander, online


Photography requires a subject, and eye and a camera. I am creating a series of eclectic photographs as NFTs with the simple idea that they are for sale with a 8% royalty, with a reasonable price.

Each photo will have multiple post processes to enhance the original image. The original will be considered the rarity and may not be listed but will have a higher price.

Investors are asked to increase the price by 8% and relist the image on Or increase the price and make a profit.


Bella Cat

Bella Cat is our Italian Cat, as a kitten she would stand on her haunches like a meerkat. She is now 3 years old and has decided to be a professional modal cat. She like crunchy biscuits, and her contract stipulates that for each sale of her portraits is is paid with her favourite Nutri-Pockets. The proceeds of the sale of her works will result in a lifetime supply!