Das Fluff gig photos

Photos of Das Fluff performance at Dublin Castle on 25 July 2015 by Nicholas Alexander.

Das Fluff who performed courageously against some of the most challenging technical hitches in a gig that featured new songs Pleasure, Fuck the Trees and STFU.

“London quartet have carved quite a niche for themselves in the form of sleazy, strobe-laden, electro-pop slathered in dominatrix-esque vocals that turn you on and make you feel like dirt all in the utterance of an elongated vowel” – review from listenwithmonger

“Dawn Lintern performs live with ironic melodrama via an eternally corrupting elegance. Her statuesque figure carving the air, suddenly desperation floods with neurotic charm and she is slithering into the audience. She is perfectly offset by the powerful and inventive lead guitar of Steve May. Their show has toured to Japan and we now have Tokyo Daisuki. Something new electric and alive.”
from Riginality.co.uk review by Nicholas Alexander

What I am reading

The Sleepwakers Introduction to Flight

The GO Language by google

D3 – data visualisation for the web

Data Visualisation is achieved by sending data to a client, and then mapping it with JS. Mike Bostock has developed a library called d3js that uses SVG to draw tables and graphs.

The graph area is created with width and height in an SVG space. The SVG object is then decorated with bars, line paths, text, tables and/or other graphic objects.

The graph may be scaled from MIN to MAX, often populated by 0 .. d3.max(array)

The graph is rendered using a transform, that translates the array elements into the graphic.